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Hagemann Wealth Talks About What a Wealth Manager is and Why You Might Need One

Hagemann Wealth Talks About What a Wealth Manager is and Why You Might Need One

Wealth management firms in Illinois offer an extensive range of investment strategies including financial assessments, estate planning, retirement planning, and tax advice. In addition to financial advice, they may also provide legal assistance services.

This investment strategy caters to clients with high investment readiness and portfolios, which they will use to fund a tailored investment plan that seeks to capitalize on a progressive market.

What is a Wealth Manager

A wealth manager maximizes their deep financial planning expertise to create a customized investment program. To determine the most appropriate options for affluent clients, they may have to coordinate with legal and accounting experts.

They will usually provide comprehensive financial-planning services including estate taxes and impacts of business income on taxes. They can also assist in setting up a fund to support your adopted charity institutions.

Why Hire a Wealth Manager

Clients will need the services of a wealth manager once they are ready to go beyond the a-la-carte investment strategies. Here are some of the services they may offer:

Financial Assessments

Wealth managers take into consideration not just a client’s income but also their existing properties and investments, taxes, and life events that impact finances, such as divorce, marriage, and estate transfers.

Retirement Planning

Clients consult a wealth management firm in Illinois to pursue their retirement goals. They will calculate the amount of money, properties, and investments that their clients need by their intended retirement age while factoring their retirement goals and even medical conditions.

Legal and Tax Advice

Having a complicated investment portfolio can create legal and accounting issues. By tapping the expertise of legal and tax specialists, wealth management firms in Illinois, such as Hagemann Wealth Management, protect their clients from these circumstances.

Have a More Confident Retirement

You can prepare for an enjoyable and more confident retirement by reaching a wealth management firm in Illinois. Our consultants at Hagemann Wealth Management will prepare you for the future by managing your wealth in the present.

Content in this material is for general information only and not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.

All investing involves risk.  Loss, including loss of principal may occur. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

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